About us

Welcome to Aromes Rebelles, where nature's essence meets rebellious spirit. Founded during the pandemic, our goal was to create the perfect lip balm. It led us to a world of natural, eco-responsible products that celebrate simplicity. We acquired a distillery and dived into essential oils, fueled by our passion and the support of friends. Driven by our commitment to quality and sustainability, our journey expanded beyond lip balms to include soaps, shampoos, and more that will soon be available.

At Aromes Rebelles, we are nature lovers, seekers of simple hapiness, and explorers of uncharted paths. Eco-responsibility is central to our brand, ensuring that our products resonate with your values and capture the rebellious spirit within.Our ingredients are carefully sourced from nature to minimize our ecological footprint. Experience the essence of nature with our collection, meticulously crafted to nourish your body and soul.

Join us on this rebellious journey as we embrace a lifestyle that harmonizes with the natural world, celebrating authenticity, quality without compromise, and the joy of connecting with nature. Welcome to Aromes Rebelles, where rebellion meets nature's essence.